Dad Saved the Day (a New Video Story)

June 16, 2014 in Lines in the Gravel by

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Dad Saved the Day

When I think of Father’s Day, this photo from a few years back always comes to mind. A great day of fishing, yes, but experienced with the young men from the generations before and behind me. Priceless.

Father’s Day Tribute: When Dad Saved the Day

This is my belated Father’s Day tribute to my dad. Oh, I didn’t forget Father’s Day. I gave him his gift over a week early, a couple of crankbaits that “didn’t work” because he spent Father’s day spreading his wisdom around Ireland. (I’m imagining Dad telling one of them Irishters that they “thought like Parker’s dog.”) He may not even get to read this for another few days, but I wanted to write it anyway. It’ll keep.

I remember a number of times through the years when Dad saved the day. There are times when it seems only a dad can come through for his children. Understanding (empathetically) that many will read this post from a past of an absent father, I nevertheless want to highlight just a few times when my dad saved the day:

  • I posted a while back about my dad’s helping me tape up a flower pot that I had obliterated when I was about seven or eight years old. (View that video story here.) You can’t even imagine how ugly that thing was when we finished it, but when I was at a loss as to what to do with the clay fragments, Dad saved the day.
  • There was the time when I was in ninth grade, trying out for the basketball team. I had been cut the year before and knew that I needed a good tryout to make the team. Problem was, Dad was working the night shift and was trying to sleep in the bedroom right by the basketball goal where I needed to practice and at the same time each day. I knew that his sleep was more important than my eventual spot on the bench of the basketball team. Regardless, he gave me the go-ahead to practice, sacrificing his physical well-being for a season on my behalf. I made the team, collecting my career total of one point that year.
  • Then, there was the time as an adult when I was trimming the hedges in our front flower bed. I accidentally cut the extension cord (twice, actually), tripping a breaker. I flipped the breaker back on, but still–nothing. I called Dad, introducing the call with “I have a Dad question.” He knew just what to do because he had had a similar experience just a few weeks earlier. Of course. Dad always seems to know the answer just when I need it. It’s not that I couldn’t have found out the answer some other way, but to me, Dad saved the day (or at least my momentary helplessness).
  • I couldn’t create a list of times when Dad saved the day without including one last story. It happened near the end of my senior year of high school. There’s no way to place a value of a dad, but this episode had a monetary as well as a “priceless” value. Here, watch for yourself:

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Use the comments to share a time when your dad saved the day…at whatever level.

Thanks for reading,
Al Ainsworth

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