#TBT300: 22 Years with Mrs. Right

June 19, 2014 in family, Throwback Thursday 300 by al.ainsworth7@gmail.com

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Throwback Thursday 300

One throwback photo with 300 words or fewer to give it context within the family, story, legacy framework.

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(Okay, I stretched the guidelines a little today. You’ll forgive me, right?)

22 Years with Mrs. Right

Okay, I’m a day early, but tomorrow will make 22 years of marriage to Mrs. Right.


I can assure you that the longevity of our marriage says much more about her than is does about me. She has shown me tremendous grace through the years as I have grown into the leadership role in our family.

This was especially true when Big Sister and Older Brother were little. I was on my way to becoming the the absent dad who still lived at home. In many ways I was already there. When Big Sister was about two or three years old, she would carry around a photo of me and tell people that that was her daddy.

When Big Brother was about four, the Lord began to turn my heart toward home. That would have been at about the eight-year mark of our marriage. Mrs. Right had tried everything she could to make it happen, but she eventually figured out that this was something only the Lord could do in my life. So she cried out to God on my behalf, and He answered her prayer.

I planned on being at one job for my entire career, but the Lord has moved me through several entire career shifts. One of the biggest faith moves came shortly before the Little Fella came along about year 11. The Lord provided for us as Mrs. Right gave me room to seek the Lord’s direction. When the Lord called me into a writing and speaking career this year, Mrs. Right, our children, and I stepped out on faith once again.

Mrs. Right and I don’t have much money to go on a costly date or to exchange expensive gifts this year, but I realize that through the course of our 22 years, Mrs. Right has given me a most rare gift over and over again: room to grow.

Me and Mrs. Right

June 20, 1992 — seems like only yesterday…

Thanks for reading.
Al Ainsworth

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