Double Dipping: Announcing Two New Projects!

June 20, 2014 in Memoirs, Writing by

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Two New Projects

Double Dipping: Two New Projects at Once!

Two New Projects…at Once!

I have been asked often in recent weeks IF I am going to write another book after Lines in the Gravel. Others have asked WHEN I will write my next one. (The second group tends to know me better.)

The answer is YES, I will write another book, and JULY 1 will be the “go date”! That’s actually the official start date of my next TWO books. That’s right, two new projects at once!

Am I crazy? Maybe.

Here’s the crazy thing: I’ve set publication dates of November 1 and December 1 for the books. If that’s not crazy enough, I’m also writing them outside of my “normal” work times. They will be written completely by a formula built for busy people who “don’t have time to write a book.”

Two New Projects

Two New Projects: First One First

 Project #1:

The first book will be consistent with my Values Storying platform. Lines in the Gravel was my story up to the point where I turned over control of my life to God. The next book picks up with the unexpected ride of faith that I have been on ever since. It’s a ride of faith with which you will be able to identify because life deals us many circumstances that many of us tend to encounter at quite unexpected times.

My goal when I graduated college was to be a high school baseball coach who took over a program with potential but no track record of success, stayed at the same school for 40 years, and retired with a trophy case full of state championships along with hundreds of lives that the beloved ol’ ball coach had impacted.

That dream was rocking along fine for, oh, three years or so. Then the roller coaster ride of faith took a sharp turn and flipped upside down. I’ll tell that story in the book along with other adventures of faith that I never could have imagined.

My goal in this book will be not just to tell my faith stories but to help you connect with yours. Those are the stories that we simply can’t lose; the next generation must hear them and connect with them.

Two New Projects

Two New Projects: A Companion to Book #1

Project #2:

The book that will follow shortly after the faith stories book is a unexpected companion(to me, at least until about a week ago) to the first. Surveys have shown that close to 80% of adults believe they have a book inside of them. The vast majority of them never get around to writing it.

My goal is not to significantly increase the number of books on the market. My goodness, there’s a deluge of available books already. My goal is to encourage and equip people who have stories that will make the world a better place if those stories are told. Stories of life change. Stories that make us better for having read them. Stories that reflect The Story, God’s story of redemption.

Over the last few weeks on the Family:Story:Legacy blog, I have outlined a formula for people who feel they are too busy with families and jobs and various other responsibilities to be able to write a book. (If that’s you, I’d love to talk to you so that I can challenge you to join me on July 1! Just use Twitter #80%Challenge.)

At one point last week, I realized that the one person who probably needed to follow this formula more than anyone was…ME.

The ideas in my writing formula are mostly ones I have used at one time or another on one project or another. If these were really good ideas for how to write a book in the midst of a busy life (and I truly believe that they are), then I need to put them to the test over an entire book project. So, on July 1, I start!

The development of the busy person’s writing formula came through these posts:

“The Writer: A Narrative”

“15 Places to Find 15 Minutes to Write”

“Five Places to Find Two Hours a Week”

“Three Places to Find Two Days”

“Planning a Writing Retreat”

I’m going to be taking my own advice and writing the faith stories book ENTIRELY outside of my normal working hours (even though I now have the freedom to write in whenever I choose). I’ll journal my adventures as I go and chronicle the journey in the second book. My goal is to publish that book a month after the faith stories book as a busy writer’s case study.

So, there you have it. While I am continuing to market Lines in the Gravel, continuing to work toward an audiobook of Lines in the Gravel, continuing to speak and develop workshops, continuing to develop the idea of a podcast, continuing to build my YouTube Channel, and continuing to be an active husband and dad of three–I’m going to write two books in the next five months and change.

Two new projects, one short time frame, two tremendous opportunities to serve others on the roller coaster ride of faith and to empower others looking to share their stories that matter.

Want to write a meaningful book of any genre using my formula, starting on July 1? Challenges are better in community, and it could make for some great cross-promotion. Let me know if you’re up to the #80%Challenge.

Thanks for reading,
Al Ainsworth

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