Abboism #33: Ol’ Inky

June 24, 2014 in Abboism by

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Abboism Lessons

Abboisms on Family:Story:Legacy are my attempt to preserve the patently Southern vernacular that has been passed down in my family for at least four generations.  They are meant to be a simple, brief glimpse at one Mississippi family’s way of speaking. Abboisms are named after my dad’s boyhood nickname: Abbo. Join in on our fun; you, too, can learn a new language.

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Ol' Inky

Meet Ol’ Inky

Abboism of the Week: Ol’ Inky

Ol’ Inky– n.

Definition: a proper name for a crow, or blackbird, based on its dark color. (This Abboism actually makes sense….)

Origin:  Pop

Synonym: None (and not to be confused with inctum, Abboism #32)

Can you use it in a sentence?

That’s Ol’ Inky struttin’ around in the woods back there. He flew in here about a week ago and has been hangin’ around ever since.”

Owning Ol’ Inky

Supposedly, you have to use a word or phrase three times before you “own it.”  Feel free to incorporate Abboisms like like Ol’ Inky into your own vernacular.  Use it three times and it’s yours.
Thanks for reading.
For the next generation,
Al Ainsworth

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