Me Too Moments: Intersection of Life & Life

July 24, 2014 in Stories, Values Storying by

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Me, Too Moments

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Please read all the way to the bottom of the post, where I will ask you to fill out a very brief survey to help me help you through my current Values Storying project. Thanks!

Me Too Moments: At the Intersection of Life & Life

Have you ever heard someone telling his or her story and wanted to cry out, “Me, too!”? My friend Scott has dubbed those moments when one life intersects with another through story me too moments.

When I think about how one life intersects another, I can’t help but think of the poignant line from Clarence the angel in It’s a Wonderful Life: “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”

Me Too Moments: On Purpose

Me, Too MomentsMy purpose in writing Lines in the Gravel was not simply to archive my own family’s stories. No, the greater purpose was to connect you to your stories and to help you recognize experiences today that will be your stories of tomorrow. Like when my broadcast partner told me about putting up a fence for their horse recently. He described difficulties and humorous moments that he and his son encountered during the project. Kind of like “Doug Flutie and a Load of Firewood,”huh, I said, referring to one of the chapters of the book. He responded that, yes, it had occurred to him that he was in the process of building a story that he and his son would tell…and re-tell for years to come.

My current project is even more intentional about creating “me too moments.” If you think back to all the lives that have intersected yours, how high would you have to count? Most of those lives have likely produced multiple stories, each of which help make up the story of your life. Good stories and bad. Happy stories and sad. Stories that make you dream and stories that crushed your dreams.

Many of those stories contain lessons that would be beneficial for others to hear. Sometimes, the best help one person can receive from another is a “me too moment.” Just to know someone else has faced a similar obstacle in life relieves loneliness and facilitates resilience. Just to hear a story that connects with where you are in life often gives you energy to move forward.

Have you ever received encouragement from someone who has “been there”? Yeah, me, too.

Me Too Moments: The Next Chapter

Me, Too Moments

photo credit: Loozrboy photopin cc

Actually, the next book. My current project has a working title of Stories from the Roller Coaster. It is coming together as a book of faith stories and lessons learned that I hope will create even more “me too moments” than Lines in the Gravel has. I’ll seek my Values Storying community’s input before I finalize the title, so look forward to the opportunity to help name a book. Today, though, I would like your help in choosing stories for this book that will connect with you.

I have put together a brief survey (as in three questions brief). Your responses to the questions would be super helpful to me. Would you mind taking the survey? Thanks in advance. Just scroll down to get started.

The survey runs through July 31. I’ll be announcing the results of the survey through my email list, so look over on the right column of this post to sign up for Values Storying emails! (Be sure to confirm through the follow-up email to activate your free subscription.)

Again, thank you very much for adding your voice to the book I’m writing to challenge and equip us all to engage in values storying, the passing of values from one generation to the next through the stories we tell…and re-tell. Now, be on the lookout for some “me too moments” today.

Thanks for reading.

For the next generation,
Al Ainsworth

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