How Well Do You Know Your Abboisms?

July 29, 2014 in Abboism, Southern vernacular by

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Know Your Abboisms

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How Well Do You Know Your Abboisms?

Loyal readers, I must apologize to you. I am a former educator who even has the spiritual gift of teaching. But when it comes to teaching you a new language–this strange southern collection of my dad’s sayings called Abboisms–I have failed you.

As I honed my craft as a teacher and later as a pastor, I knew that the true test of teaching’s effectiveness is how well the material is learned. The teaching can be as dynamic and varied as you can make it, but the bottom line is this: Did the student learn the material, and is he able to use it?

I have taught you Abboisms for almost nine months now. I have given you pronunciations and definitions and contexts and even supplementary material. I collected the first 25 Abboisms in an e-book that I gave you the opportunity to download for free. I challenge you weekly to use them three times so that you “own” them.

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With all this teaching, though, I have failed to evaluate how well you know your Abboisms. That’s my bad. I should have quizzed you months ago.

Today, I will give you the opportunity to see how well you know your Abboisms with a 12-question quiz. Enjoy it. I’ll be back with you below the quiz to talk about your results.

So, how’d you do?

Less than six correct: You really should step over the Mason-Dixon line for the first time and give us Southerners a chance. We’re not all as backward as you think, just more interesting.

7-8 correct responses: A little more study time, and, aye golly, we might have ya over for dinner.

9-10 correct responses: You from around here? That’s purdy John Brown good.

11-12 correct responses: Come on in-na house. Take ya shoes off and grab a glass of sweetea (cause you know that’s just one word).

We’re back to the business of learning a new language with Abboism #38 next week. Putcha thinkin’ cap on and learn yo Abboisms.

Thanks for reading (and participating). Hope ya had a good time. Hey, do me a favor and tell some other folks about the quiz on your favorite social media channel.

For the next generation,
Al Ainsworth

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