Abboism #39: Stankin Nigh

August 12, 2014 in Abboism by

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Stankin Nigh

The toilet paper is stankin nigh…gone.

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A number of my readers took the Abboism quiz a couple of weeks ago.  (Click here to take it now.) According to the results, the best-known Abboisms are hoo-rah bush and som’rs another, follower closely by thought like Parker’s dog and flat flank floot.

The most missed was flamdoneyer. Some remedial work would also be advised for ain’t that the goosey goblin, vangollops, and lost as Hogan’s goat.

Abboism of the Week: Stankin Nigh

Stankin nigh – Southern colloquialism

Definition: very close, pretty near.

Origin: I know the nigh is pretty common in the South; at least I’ve heard it for nigh on 40-some-odd years. If you’ve heard stankin nigh, let me know in the comments.

Synonym: purt’ near

Can you use it in a sentence?

“Remember that book project I started on a while back? I’ll be stankin nigh done with it by the time Labor Day rolls around.”

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Owning Stankin Nigh

Supposedly, you have to use a word or phrase three times before you “own it.”  Feel free to incorporate Abboisms like like stankin nigh into your own vernacular.  Use it three times and it’s yours.
Thanks for reading.
For the next generation,
Al Ainsworth

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