Abboism #41: Mister Smackalupagus

August 26, 2014 in Abboism, Southern vernacular by

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Mister Smackalupagus

Photo Credit: Jbrangwynne53 via Muppet Wikia

Abboism #41: Mister Smackalupagus

Remember the old Sesame Street character Mister Snuffleupagus? He was Big Bird’s friend whom all the other characters thought was a pretend friend. Then, he could be seen by all the other characters and kids, but he somehow eluded the adults. Finally, I believe his character evolved into a Sesame Street regular. Snuffy, as he came to be called on the show, made his entrance into the Abboism lexicon, thanks to my brother Andy’s childhood habit.

When my brother was younger, he had a bad habit of chewing with his mouth open. In addition to the grotesqueness of what that looks like, he also made the accompanying smacking sounds. Dad would tell him to “cut out all that smacking” in order to remind him to revert to proper table decorum.

Mister Smackalupagus

Photo Credit: Angela N via photopin cc

One night, Dad called him Mister Smackalupagus, and the name stuck. Occasionally, he would have to say something like, “I think I hear Mister Smackalupagus…” to remind Andy of the proper way we Ainsworths were expected to chew.

I was never one to miss an opportunity to pick on my little brother in our childhood (or, I admit, even into adulthood). However, as an adult,  I have strangely come to embrace his alter ego. In the middle of devouring a meal, I’ll notice Mrs. Right staring at me with what I’ve come to know as the you’ree-being-Mister Smackalupagus-again look.

Whoops. Sorry, Mrs. Right. And sorry, Andy.

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